Vroom vroom! How many methods of transportation can your young learners name? Our newly revised lesson on Transportation includes popular words such as bicycle, subway, and airplane. (more…)


Technology plays a big role in our daily lives and learning. We’ve developed a NEW vocabulary lesson on Computers to help your young learners talk tech! (more…)

Simple Past Grammar Lesson

The simple past is a fundamental building block of English grammar that young learners should learn early on. We’ve recently developed a third version of our popular Simple Past lesson with more explanations, illustrations, and engaging exercises! (more…)

My Favorite Animal

Writing improves many aspects of English such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. With four questions to get them started, our updated lesson on My Favorite Animal is a great way to get kids writing! (more…)

Swimming Pool

Swimming is a popular activity for kids, especially in the summertime! Last week we featured a NEW vocabulary lesson called Swimming, which focuses on the actions that kids need to know when learning to swim or playing in the pool. It also includes the names of different swimming strokes. This week we’re featuring our NEW vocabulary lesson called Swimming Pool, which focuses on the objects kids will see at the pool such as lifeguard, slide, diving board, shallow end, etc. (more…)


Are your students learning to swim this summer? Our NEW lesson on Swimming introduces kids to vocabulary they will hear at the pool. (more…)

Parts of Speech

Nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs—English sentences are formed from various parts of speech. It might help young learners to think of parts of speech as building blocks for sentences. Our NEW Parts of Speech lesson breaks down each part of speech, describing the function and giving examples in a way that is easy to understand. (more…)

The Bermuda Triangle

Why have so many boats and planes disappeared in a certain part of the Atlantic Ocean over the years? Was it a UFO? A giant sea creature? A hurricane? Your young learners will read all about the mysterious disappearances in our updated lesson on the Bermuda Triangle! (more…)