Baseball, in the Sports section of the Color Mart, is our Lesson of the Week.

Last week, there was an article about how to use Sprout English’s site on our blog. The article mentioned that it’s important to give your students a break between challenging skills lessons such as grammar, reading, listening, etc. Giving your young learners a chance to color does just that!

We have many themes to choose from, so it’s easy to match your main lesson topic to one of our images. Or, if none of them correspond to your lesson target, let your kids vote on what picture they’d like to color the most. Images are grouped into categories such as sports, animals, people, actions, etc.

We also have a Halloween section where you can find images like a ghost, a jack-o’lantern, a monster, a haunted house, etc.—just in time for Halloween!

Coloring is a creative way for students to learn vocabulary. They can also practice their speaking skills if you put students in groups at coloring tables and encourage them to chat while they color—it’s a great time to practice natural conversation.

Find the Baseball image in the Color Mart / Sports, and the Halloween images in the Color Mart / Halloween.


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