Sprout English’s featured lesson this week is the Dangerous Aliens game from the Board Games section in the Games Room. This game, published by the Kinney Brothers, is a great one to play since Halloween is just around the corner. Spooky (and kind of cute) aliens will get your young learners into the Halloween spirit!

In Dangerous Aliens, your young learners will get some math practice. You can use the plus/minus board for basic math practice, or the plus/minus/divided by/times board for more complicated math practice. Just follow the instructions on page 4 of the game.

Dangerous Aliens can be adapted to practice any vocabulary or grammar point your students are learning. In the instructions on page 4, you’ll see that the game calls for flashcards. As the teacher, you can make these flashcards based on whatever you’re studying at the time. For example, if you were studying Halloween vocabulary, you could have a picture of a skeleton on the card, and the student must produce the corresponding vocabulary word “skeleton”. Alternatively, you could have the student spell the word. If the word were written on the flashcard, you could have the student pronounce it correctly, say the number of syllables, say how many vowels it contained, etc. For a grammar review, a flashcard could have a base verb, and you could have the student use it in a sentence, say the past tense or the past participle, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Find this lesson in the Games Room – Board Games.


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