Article Review: Say What? 5 Ways to Get Students to Listen

“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

How do you get students to listen? This question is especially important for young learners, who tend to have shorter attention spans and be easily distracted. Sometimes getting students to pay attention and listen feels like a never-ending struggle!

This week’s article, Say What? 5 Ways to Get Students to Listen, by Rebecca Alber on Edutopia‘s website, offers some fantastic suggestions on getting students to actively listen. (more…)

Article Review: How to Make an Infographic

Infographics are such a fun way to share information. They’re generally easy to read and follow, and convey a message much more quickly than a traditional written paragraph. I think it’d be great to use them from time to time to teach a grammar point. But how do you go about making them?

This week’s article review is on How To Make An Infographic Using Piktochart by Katie Lepi on Edudemic‘s website. Katie gives an example of how Mia MacMeekin created an infographic using Piktochart. The steps, including research, design, and extras, are presented in…you guessed it…an infographic! (more…)

Article Review: Setting Goals

Have you discussed goals with your students yet? The start of a new school year is an excellent time to go over goals, especially their learning goals for the term. It’s a good idea to review their goals once or twice throughout the year, too. The benefits are numerous. (more…)