Word of the Year: Modals of Possibility Listening Activity

Are your students setting New Year’s goals this month? Why not challenge them to come up with a Word of the Year instead? You can use this month’s grammar target, Modals of Possibility, to talk about possibilities in the future that relate to the words your students choose.

Sprout English’s featured Fun Grammar Lesson on Modals of Possibility is a simple introduction to these common modals. After you use this ready-made lesson, try this follow-up listening activity. Then challenge your students to choose their own Word of the Year and practice using might, could, and may in relation to their words. (more…)

Modals of Ability: Can & Could

The English language has many modals—words that come before verbs and provide extra meaning such as ability, necessity, possibility, etc. The modals of ability, can and could, are useful for students to learn early on. We’ve created a new Modals of Ability lesson that centers around a common theme: hobbies and leisure activities! (more…)