Incredibly Pinteresting Ideas for Teachers of Young Learners

“Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning.”
—Robert John Meehan

One year I was given a class of two-year-olds. I had never taught students that young before and definitely felt out of my element. I remember asking the teachers I met online for resources and many lead me to some great books, but nothing that I could browse online for inspiration. After hours of online research, I couldn’t find any teacher blogs and sites for teaching toddlers and very young learners. However, the tide has changed, and thanks to the visual social bookmarking site, Pinterest, the web is full of a plethora of magical activities for teaching children of any age. Below, I’ve listed some sites and tips for tapping into the magic! Your problem will soon be that you run out of days to try these lessons with the kiddos you teach. (more…)

Educational Resources and Networking Opportunities in Social Media

The wealth of information available via social media continues to amaze me. The vast amount of resources and networking opportunities that have sprouted (no pun intended) up in the last few years is incredible. Educators from around the world can connect and share ideas. But some of us might be wondering where to start! Or, for those of us already immersed in the online culture of the educational realm, how do we add to our networks? We all know time is valuable. How can we make the most of our time online? (more…)