That’s Wicked! 20+ Halloween Activities, Apps & Tools Kids Will Love All Year Long

“As astronauts and space travelers children puzzle over the future; as dinosaurs and princesses they unearth the past…as monsters and gremlins they make sense of the unreal.” —Gretchen Owocki

Children across the globe enjoy dressing up, monsters, ghosts, witches, sorcerers, and horror. Halloween is that time of the year to explore spooky themes that will get your students learning English, science, history, math, and culture hands-on. However, the fun does not have to end on Halloween. Feel free to use any of these wickedly awesome activities, apps, and resources throughout the year to continue to engage your young learners! (more…)


With Halloween coming up on October 31, it’s the perfect time to learn about Spiders!

Our creepy, crawly Spiders lesson in our Discovery Center includes discussion questions, vocabulary development tasks, a crossword, a word maze, comprehension questions, and a short reading full of interesting facts (did you know there’s one bug spiders won’t eat?). There is even an optional black-and-white title page for your students to color.

For more Halloween activities and lessons to do this week, check out Spooky Halloween Fun for Young Learners on our blog! We’ll also have two new blog posts for you this week: Fear and Phobias – English Idioms on Tuesday and That’s Wicked! 20+ Halloween Activities, Apps & Tools Kids Will Love All Year Long on Wednesday. (more…)

Spooky Halloween Fun for Young Learners

If you live in a country that celebrates Halloween, you’ll soon be surrounded by little witches, zombies, and pirates! With the focus on costumes and candy, it’s a given that kids love Halloween. Teachers can make the most of this time of year by decorating their classrooms, putting on a costume parade, and having pumpkin-carving contests. There are many ways to make Halloween educational as well. Read on for many spooky ideas! (more…)

10+ Halloween Lessons, Crafts, and Activities

It’s that scary, creepy, spooky, eerie time of year! The monsters are coming out to play, and I don’t mean your students! On Thursday, October 31st, many countries will be celebrating Halloween. Kids will get dressed up in costumes like witches, ghosts, cats, cartoon characters, etc. and go trick-or-treating. The next day, they’ll undoubtedly have tummy aches from all the candy they collected and consumed! It’s a fun time of year for kids. Teachers and parents can keep the fun going all week long with various Halloween activities, lessons, and crafts. Sprout English has some great Halloween resources that are right at your fingertips! Try some of our suggestions below to infuse your kids with the Halloween spirit. (more…)

It’s Monstrous! 4 Themes & 20+ Activities Kids Will Love You Explored This Halloween

“There is magic, but you have to be the magician. You have to make the magic happen.”             ~ Sidney Sheldon, Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Halloween is around the corner, so it’s a great time to engage kids with themes that explore the mysterious, dark, and terrifying. These are themes you probably haven’t broached yet. However, most of these themes offer a way to teach children English as well as science and math. The idea is to get students to experiment and explore. Find a list of these themes below, followed by activities and resources. The themes and activities listed below engage children and allow them to learn English hands-on. (more…)