Talking to Kids about Jobs

When students say they want to change the world, listen.” ~ Angela Maeirs

Are you doing a unit on Jobs this year in your classroom? Will you be asking your students to talk to you about what they want “to be” when they grow up? What can you as a teacher (or parent) do to support your students’ goals and dreams? Is it your job to encourage kids to have something to “fall back on”, or should you be doing everything in your power to support kids’ passions no matter how wild and wacky their ideas may be?

Here is a video (below) and an article that may help you rethink how you talk to kids about jobs and careers. And check out this TED Talk about fostering creative confidence. (more…)


Our lesson of the week is Zookeeper, in the People section of the Color Mart. This coloring activity would be a great warm-up, filler, or wrap-up to any lesson, especially if you’re doing jobs or animals as a theme. (more…)