Word of the Year: Modals of Possibility Listening Activity

Are your students setting New Year’s goals this month? Why not challenge them to come up with a Word of the Year instead? You can use this month’s grammar target, Modals of Possibility, to talk about possibilities in the future that relate to the words your students choose.

Sprout English’s featured Fun Grammar Lesson on Modals of Possibility is a simple introduction to these common modals. After you use this ready-made lesson, try this follow-up listening activity. Then challenge your students to choose their own Word of the Year and practice using might, could, and may in relation to their words. (more…)

Haul Video: Future Reading

This week’s Spotlight lesson, Haul Video, features a fun reading that uses the simple present, simple past, and simple future tenses in context. Your students will hear “be going to” used naturally as they listen to Daisy make a video about her recent shopping trip. (more…)

Silent ‘e’ Words: Pronunciation

Do your students have difficulty with the pronunciation of short and long English vowel sounds? There are some spelling rules that can help young learners recognize when a long vowel sound is needed. One such rule involves the final, silent ‘e’ in a word, and this is the focus of this week’s Spotlight lesson: Silent ‘e’ Words 1.

This lesson is one of four involving four-letter words with a silent ‘e’ ending. There are 11 pages of spelling and writing practice in the first lesson, but what about audio? Listening and oral repetition is essential for a good pronunciation lesson. The teacher can certainly model the words, but it’s a good idea to have another source for listening practice too. (more…)

Halloween Costumes – ESL Listening Activity

Halloween takes place on October 31. Will your students be dressing up for the occasion? Do they know how to respond to the standard question that people are asking kids at this time of year?

“What are you going to be for Halloween?”

Talking about Halloween costumes before the big day is useful for practicing “going to” to make simple future plans.

Listening Activity (more…)

Spooky Halloween Fun for Young Learners

If you live in a country that celebrates Halloween, you’ll soon be surrounded by little witches, zombies, and pirates! With the focus on costumes and candy, it’s a given that kids love Halloween. Teachers can make the most of this time of year by decorating their classrooms, putting on a costume parade, and having pumpkin-carving contests. There are many ways to make Halloween educational as well. Read on for many spooky ideas! (more…)

Hotel – Listening/Reading/Drawing Activity

Kids love getting creative! Give them a chance to draw while developing their listening, reading, and vocabulary skills with our Hotel activity.

You can present this lesson as a Listen and Draw or Read and Draw activity. Both ways teach students how to follow instructions while they have fun! Sprout English has 15 drawing activities in our Project Depot, so you can alternate the way in which you present them. (more…)