Canada Day & Independence Day Lessons

Let the celebrations begin! Canada Day 150 is happening this Saturday, followed by Independence Day in the USA on Monday. Your young learners will enjoy our related vocabulary lessons that are full of fun and festive words! (more…)

The Party – Writing Activity

Most young learners groan at the mention of a writing task. Don’t worry—we have ways of making writing easier and more interesting for your students! First, teach your young learners our tips on how to write a paragraph. Next, try our writing activity, The Party, which guides students by starting the story for them. Soon your students will look forward to writing!

How will you correct their writing? Use our handy, free correction key to make your job easier. Our key has common codes to indicate spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Students can then try to correct their mistakes themselves—they seem to remember better this way. Students can also use this key for peer correction. (more…)

What Are You Going to Wear? Party Plans Pair Activity

What are you going to do for New Year’s Eve? Are you going to go to a party? What are you going to wear? I’m going to hang out with my family and my best friend. We’re going to stay home in our pyjamas and play games (probably some Heads Up!). It’s going to be so relaxing and fun!

January is the perfect time of year to practice using “be going to.” Try this week’s Spotlight lesson and help your students learn how to express future plans in English. Then try this fun pair activity in class. (more…)

3 FREE Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

Are you looking for some fun St. Patrick’s Day activities to hold at your green party on Monday? You are having a green party, aren’t you? At a green party, the students dress in green, eat green food, and drink green beverages. You can serve green milk and cookies, or green cupcakes and juice. You’ll also need some fun St. Patrick’s Day activities! Before you try these ones, be sure to introduce your young learners to our St. Patrick’s Day poster of idioms. Make sure that they understand the idiomatic meanings before you introduce these activities. (These activities play on the “literal” meaning of the words, as the poster does. It will help them remember the expressions.)

FREE Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

Print out this handout to eliminate prep work. This is a party after all! Photocopy as many copies as you need! You’ll also need string, scissors, clothes pegs (or paperclips), and coloring utensils (lots of green).

10+ Halloween Lessons, Crafts, and Activities

It’s that scary, creepy, spooky, eerie time of year! The monsters are coming out to play, and I don’t mean your students! On Thursday, October 31st, many countries will be celebrating Halloween. Kids will get dressed up in costumes like witches, ghosts, cats, cartoon characters, etc. and go trick-or-treating. The next day, they’ll undoubtedly have tummy aches from all the candy they collected and consumed! It’s a fun time of year for kids. Teachers and parents can keep the fun going all week long with various Halloween activities, lessons, and crafts. Sprout English has some great Halloween resources that are right at your fingertips! Try some of our suggestions below to infuse your kids with the Halloween spirit. (more…)