Our Word Bank has lots of fun and interesting topics for kids, such as community helpers, hobbies, zoo animals, and feelings. And what could be better than our NEW vocabulary lesson on Toys? (more…)


Have you ever tried teaching feelings and emotions using emoji or emoticons? Capitalize on this popular social media device by teaching young learners about feelings and adjectives with our NEW Feelings Vocabulary Lesson! (more…)

Weather & Seasons Vocabulary

What’s the weather like today? Our Weather & Seasons lesson in the Word Bank section introduces young learners to vocabulary they can use to describe all kinds of weather as well as the four seasons.

In this 9-page English lesson, students will see both noun forms for each season (e.g., summer / summertime). They will also learn the different parts of speech that weather words can take (e.g., I don’t like the rain / It’s a rainy day / It’s raining). (more…)