Giraffe: Drawing Activity

Drawing is a great creative outlet. Kids love our drawing activities, and you will too—they combine drawing and coloring with speaking, listening, vocabulary, reading, or writing skills. (more…)

Hippo Eats a Watermelon

Have you tried our Spotlight lesson with your young learners this week? We featured Maze Craze: five simple, fun mazes for very young learners. The object of those mazes is to get the food item to the animal. When I came up with the idea for these mazes, I automatically thought of a hippo eating a watermelon. The explosion of pink goo is something to see! I wanted to include a video of a hippo eating a watermelon for your students, so I asked my sister, who works at a zoo, to film the video. It’s a little blurry and shaky because it was filmed with her iPhone, but I hope your students enjoy it!