How are your students feeling today? The useful “Be verb + Adjective” structure is something students usually learn early on that allows them to express feelings. Our Adjectives lesson in the Basic Grammar Structures section of the Grammar School gives students plenty of practice with this structure!

Through writing, speaking, and drawing activities, your students will feel like they can confidently express their feelings. This ten-page lesson involves a variety of activities such as a matching exercise, a word search, and a class survey—your students won’t get bored doing these fun exercises! Affirmative statements, negative statements, and question formation are all covered in this lesson. Students can work alone or with a partner for almost all of the exercises in this lesson, and there is also a group activity.

This lesson includes flashcards with images only, with words only, and with images and words together. See our editor’s blog post, 9 Ways to Use Cards & Flashcards in Class, for ideas on how to use them as a warm-up, filler, wrap-up, or for review the next day.

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Find this lesson in the Grammar School – Basic Grammar Structures.


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