Adverbs of Manner

Do your students learn grammar quickly or slowly? Adverbs that end in -ly are common in English, and the most common -ly adverbs are Adverbs of Manner. In our NEW grammar lesson, students practice how to form and use these adverbs with fun exercises that will get them writing, speaking, and moving!

This 14-page lesson begins with a thorough grammar explanation, complete with charts and exceptions, which makes this grammar point easy to teach and learn. Students will then complete various practice exercises such as forming adverbs from adjectives, filling in the blanks, and spotting the errors. There is a pair work exercise so that your learners can use this grammar target while speaking and writing. A fun acting game means your young students can get up and moving while reviewing common adverbs (game cards are included at the end of this lesson). We’ve also included a multiple-choice exercise that you can use for review or as a quiz.

Finally, this lesson ends with a three-page mini-lesson on adverbs with two forms, such as hard/hardly and slow/slowly. If you think your students can handle this more advanced portion of the lesson, have them study our handy chart and try the related exercise to make sure they understand the differences.

Find this lesson in the Grammar School – Basic Grammar Structures section.


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