Alphabet Name Game

This week’s Spotlight lesson is Alphabet Review from our Phonics Cafe – Book 2 section. Young English language learners will find 23 pages of printing practice for uppercase and lowercase letters, along with fun illustrations and exercises. After reviewing the alphabet on paper, why not try some oral practice with your students? The following activity is a simple one, but one I use again and again with my students because of the specific letter-sound focus. The instructions below tell you how to play with country names, but you can easily change the theme to suit whatever you’re studying in class (animals, food, etc.).

Alphabet Name Game – How to Play

1. Choose the topic. For this example, we’ll use country names.

2. Arrange students in a circle and get them to stand up.

3. The first student must say the name of a country that starts with the letter “A” (such as Argentina).

4. The second student must say the name of a country that starts with “B” (such as Belgium).

5. The third student must say the name of a country that starts with “C” (such as Canada).

6. Repeat with the letters D–Z, or until every student has had a chance.

7. If a student can’t think of a country, he or she must sit down.

8. The last student standing is the winner!

9. If there is more than one student left standing after “Z,” you could continue with city names, province/state names, etc.

To make it more competitive:

  • Have a time limit of only 5 or 10 seconds per letter.
  • Divide the class into two teams and have one student from each team try to name a country for each letter at the same time. The faster teammate gets a point for his or her team, and the team with the most points at the end wins.

To make it less competitive:

  • If a student can’t think of a word, get classmates to shout out suggestions. This will take some of the pressure off if your students are very young or quite low level. In this version, everyone’s a winner!


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