Animal Card Games

Flashcards and card games can be used in a variety of ways in an English classroom. They make vocabulary learning fun, and are great as a warm-up, filler, or wrap-up to a lesson. With over 48 words and pictures, our Animal Cards are sure to engage your young learners!

Sprout English’s 48 animals cards include all the animals you’d expect and then some! Students review common animals such as dog, elephant, and hippo while learning about more exotic animals like armadillo, baboon, and hyena. These Games Room cards make learning new vocabulary fun and easy. Be sure to print them out double-sided so that the pictures are on one side and the words are on the other.

Use these cards for your favorite card games, or check out 9 Ways to Use Cards & Flashcards in Class for other suggestions for using these cards. Tara has also blogged about her favorite card game for young learners: Animal Battle – An ESL Card Game for Practicing Comparative Adjectives.

Find this lesson in the Games Room – Card Games.

For more animal resources, type in “animals” in Sprout English’s search box. We have many grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and coloring lessons and worksheets on animals. Try our reading lesson on Hippos and our Zookeeper coloring worksheet for starters!

Try my favorite warm-up, Animal Adjective Activity, and these fun ideas for teaching English with stuffed animals and puppets for more animal-related materials!

For more flashcard and card game ideas, check out this post by Shelly Terrell on our sister site, ESL Library: Flashcard Fun! 10+ Ideas & Resources.


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