Articles: A, An, The

Article use varies widely among the languages of the world. Some languages, such as French, have six articles while others have none—Japanese, for example. English has three main articles, and they tend to cause a lot of problems for English language learners! Our new Articles lesson aims to simplify English article usage by providing charts and examples that make it easy for your students to tell the difference between a, an, and the.

This colorful eight-page lesson starts off with a clear, easy-to-follow grammar explanation, followed by a variety of activities such as complete the sentences, matching, dialogues, complete the story, multiple choice, and a class survey. We chose a popular theme, shopping, to give a real-life context to the article practice. We also included typical shopping items like clothes and food along with modern vocabulary such as e-readers, video games, laptops, and iPhones.

Students will learn to use articles for general or specific nouns in both the singular and plural. The exercises build from a / an, to a / an / no article, to a / the, to a / an / the, and finally to a / an / the / no article. This natural progression ensures that your learners will come to fully understand article usage in English.

Learners can work alone or with a partner for almost all of the exercises in this lesson, and there is also a group activity. You can choose whether to do the entire lesson in one day or to break it up over a few days and / or assign some of it for homework.

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