Most kids around the world are coming back to school from Christmas holidays this week or next week. Ease them back into study mode with Sprout English‘s simple and fun lesson of the week: Castle in the Project Depot!

This lesson teaches children how to follow instructions as they have fun drawing. Sprout English has 15 lessons like this one in the Project Depot.There are two ways to present this lesson: Listen and Draw or Read and Draw.

Why not alternate the ways in which you present these lessons? Try Castle as a Listen and Draw exercise this week, and try another drawing lesson, such Dog or Fire Truck, as a Read and Draw exercise the following week. You can even alternate presentations styles when you’re doing these lessons as Listen and Draw: Do the first one with you, the teacher, reading out the instructions, but pair up students the next time you do it and have a student read out the instructions.

Having students read the instructions is great for pronunciation practice as well as listening, and students can take turns reading the instructions and drawing, which extends the time this activity takes.

Our Project Depot has many lessons in three sections: Drawing, Writing, and Photography. Try them all!

Find this lesson in the Project Depot – Drawing.


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