3 Christmas Tree Crafts for English Class

If you’re a teacher or parent, Pinterest is probably your favorite site at this time of year. This year, I’ve used Pinterest to find inspiration for gifts, cards, parties, and treats. Pinterest is also great for crafts!

Are you looking for holiday crafts to use with your English learners? Here are three very simple Christmas tree crafts to try. Use one or all of these crafts to review English colors, shapes, sizes, and prepositions of place. Your students will also practice following instructions. Ask your students to describe their finished trees to you or their group members.

Easy Christmas Tree Ornament

This craft would make a perfect gift for your students to bring home.

You will need:
* 3 popsicle sticks for each student
* green paint
* many buttons in different colors and sizes
* brown and yellow construction paper
* glue
* hooks (or string) for hanging

Use this craft to teach or review the following:
colors, comparing (button) sizes (tiny, small, medium, larger, bigger than, smaller than), shapes (circle/circular, star/star-shaped, triangle/triangular, square/square-shaped or rectangle/rectangular – for the trunk), prepositions of place (to describe the button placement)

Find simple instructions for this Easy Tree Ornament on Pinterest.

Natural Tree Ornament

Combine this craft with a walk in a park.

You will need:
* a twig for each student (chosen by students during a nature walk if possible)
* ribbon in different colors
* string for hanging

Use this craft to teach or review the following:
colors, patterns, comparing (ribbon) lengths (shorter than, longer than, the shortest, the longest), prepositions of place (to describe the ribbons)

Find simple instructions for this Natural Tree Ornament on Pinterest.

Edible Tree Ornament

If you give your students an option of these three crafts, they will likely choose this one!

You will need:
*a pointed sugar cone for each student
*green icing (a bowl at each group station)
*a plastic knife for each student
*a bowl of candies for decorations at each station (ball-shaped candies, teddies, sprinkles, etc.)
*napkins or cloths for cleanup

Use this craft to teach or review the following:
colors, shapes, following instructions, manners (Can you please pass the icing? May I have the candy bowl?)

Find simple instructions for this Edible Tree Ornament on Pinterest.

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