Christmas Word Puzzles: Pronunciation, Spelling & Vocabulary

It’s a fun, festive time of year when spirits are high in and out of class! Teachers can maximize on students’ enthusiasm by doing Christmas activities that are both fun and educational. We’ve created three Christmas puzzles for you to try in class this season: Christmas Code, Pronunciation Path, and The Snowman’s Nose. And don’t forget about last year’s vocabulary/coloring worksheet: Christmas – Find the Objects!

Christmas Code gives young English learners a chance to focus on spelling and vowel sounds. With The Snowman’s Nose, they’ll focus on the alphabet since the maze must be completed in alphabetical order. Pronunciation Path is all about the pronunciation of the /i/ (“ee” like in “need”) and the various spellings of this sound. Finally, our Christmas – Find the Objects worksheet will teach low-level learners some basic Christmas vocabulary, and they will also have fun coloring the image.

Find these mazes in the Games Room – Paper Games. Sprout English’s Games Room has over 50 games to play in class, including card games, board games, word games, tic tac toe, bingo, and puzzles!


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