Crafts for Teaching about Community Helpers

“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
—Fred Rogers’s Mama

Have you tried Sprout English’s NEW Community Helpers Word Bank lesson? Young kids love pretending to be firefighters, police officers, and doctors. If you ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, they usually say one of the helpers!

Did you know that the word “curator” comes from the Latin word “curare” meaning to care? One way we like to help in our online community is by collecting ideas that we know will help save teachers time!

This month, we’ve collected some fun craft ideas that you can pair with our Community Helpers Wordbank lesson. Some of these crafts will help kids get a head start on a costume for Halloween!

A Collection of Community Helper Crafts

Community Helpers Flip Book
All you need for this flip book of community helpers is a head shot of each child in your class.

Five Little Firefighters
Here’s a fun poem and art project for kids who love firefighters. (Great for Fire Prevention Week!)

Fire Extinguishers
Your little ones will love fighting fires with these adorable spray bottles.

Super Simple Fire Hat
Here’s a really easy hat kids can make with paper plates and red paint.

Pipe Cleaner Stethoscope
Kids who want to be doctors or vets can make their own stethoscope.

Tool Box or Doctor’s Bag
Here’s a paper craft that you can use if you’re teaching about the tools and supplies that construction or medical workers use.

X-Ray Craft
These will make the perfect kid-friendly decorations in your classroom for Halloween after you talk about doctors and nurses.

Garbage Trucks
If you’ve got garbage truck lovers in your class, they’ll love making trucks out of trash. A little redesigning, and that juice box could also be an ambulance.

When I Grow Up
What do your students want to be when they grow up? At the end of your Community Helpers unit, make a fun gift for your students’ parents. Take photos of your students in front of a sign like this, and send it home at winter break. If you or someone you know is good with photo editing, you could even make a year-end gift like this!

Find this week’s featured lesson in the Word Bank - Community Helpers. This lessons includes full-page flashcards of each helper. You can introduce this unit by cutting each flashcard into three strips and asking your students to help you put the community helpers back together again.


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