Draw My Face: Listening Activity

Our theme of the week on Sprout English is The Face! If you teach absolute beginners or very young children, these are probably some of the first vocabulary words they learn in English. Do your older or more advanced students know how to make sentences with these words? Do they know some of the adjectives that go with face nouns? Our resource pack offers everything you need to introduce and expand on this vocabulary.

Word Bank Lesson Plan: The Face
Describing the Face: Adjectives and Sentence Patterns
Draw My Face: Listening Activity (below)

Listen and Draw Activity

1. Hand out this two-page worksheet. On page 1 your students will decide what kind of face they want to draw. They will create drawing instructions by filling in the blanks. Review any adjectives or nouns they aren’t familiar with.

2. Give students a blank piece of paper to bring the face they designed to life. They will need crayons or pencil crayons. They should not let other classmates see their drawing.

3. Place your students in pairs. Have students take turns being the reader and the listener. The reader will read out their own instructions from page 1. The listener will try to draw the face that is being described.

4. Ask the students to compare the two drawings. Who followed the instructions more closely? What is different about the drawings? What is the same?

5. Now have partners switch roles so that all of the students get a chance to read their own instructions.

Whose Face Is That?!

Alternatively, or as an additional activity, you could blindfold your students so they don’t know which partner they have. Have one student describe his own face to his partner. The other student draws the face being described (as best she can while blindfolded—it’s all part of the fun!). Then switch roles. (Write the identities on the back of the pages as you walk around.) Rearrange the students before taking their blindfolds off. Can the students guess who their partner was based on the voice? Place the silly drawings on the wall and try to guess whose face is whose. The drawings will turn out really silly! Fun!



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