Family Speed Game

Ready, Set, Guess!

Have your young English learners studied family vocabulary yet? Sprout English has two new lessons on the family: Family Vocabulary in the Word Bank and Subject & Object Pronouns in the Grammar School. After your students have learned basic family vocabulary, challenge them to this fun, fast activity!

Family Speed Game is one of my favorite ways to practice family vocabulary. My students love the competition that this brain-teaser activity provides!

How to Play

1. Divide the class into two teams.

2. Pick one person from each team to take a turn simlutaneously.

3. Read out the first sentence from the Teachers Reference sheet (see below).

4. Give a point to the team of the student who yells out the correct answer first.

5. Continue by choosing two more students and reading the second sentence.

Alternatively, you could divide the class into two teams, but anyone from either team can shout out the answer. The pro to this method is that it gets loud and competitive! The con is that you might not hear from all the students, especially the quieter ones.

Finish up either method by handing out the review worksheet for individual homework or to complete in class in pairs or small groups.

Family Speed Game: Teacher Reference Sheet & Review Worksheet

Download Family Speed Game PDF


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