Mother’s Day Video Fun: Animals and Babies

Kids love learning about animals! At the dinner table last week, I challenged my own kids to name as many animals as they could (without reaching for the iPad). We grabbed an old-fashioned pen and notepad, and they came up with 217 types of animals in 45 minutes. As they proudly named all of the animals they could think of, they shared interesting facts they had picked up while reading and watching videos about strawberry poison dart frogs, dusky dolphins, and other obscure animals! I was a proud mama. My little cubs have learned a lot since the early days when we used to sing the Sleeping Bunnies song over and over.

If you’re looking for Mother’s Day themed ideas for the classroom, this is the perfect time to talk, sing, and learn about animals and their babies. In the Spotlight this week, we have a NEW Word Bank lesson plan about Animal Families. After you’ve tried the lesson, here are some questions and related videos to share in class this week. You’ll notice in some of the videos that animal mothers are the best teachers! It’s no wonder Teacher Appreciation Week ends on Mother’s Day!

What Are Some Names of Animal Babies?

And some more names…

What Are Groups of Animals Called?

The speaker goes very quickly! How many names can your students pick up? (This may be a fun activity for older or more advanced students.) You can also talk about why these animal groups have these names.

Did you know that a group of baby pugs is called a grumble?

How Are Animal Families Different from Human Families?

What Do Animal Mothers Teach Their Babies?

How many verbs can your students come up with when you put this starter sentence on the board? Animal mothers teach their babies how to…

(For older students… Is there any job more difficult?)

What Is a Surrogate Mother?

Are You My Mother?

There are many great Mother’s Day stories to read. This is one of my favorites! Share your own favorite “Mom and Baby” book titles in the comments below.

If you go goo-goo for animal baby photos like I do, here are some adorable photos to share: 14 Animals Demonstrating Why a Mother’s Love is So Special. And don’t forget to subscribe to Sprout English or ESL Library during Teacher Appreciation Week. Use the code: teacher15


Find Sprout English’s Animal Families lesson in the Word Bank – Nature, and check out Tanya’s blog post on Mother’s Day Fun Facts.


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