My Favorite Animal

Writing improves many aspects of English such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. With four questions to get them started, our updated lesson on My Favorite Animal is a great way to get kids writing!

Assign this worksheet in class or for homework. You may want to review the structure of a paragraph before you begin.

To incorporate other skills, you could put students into small groups after they’re done and have them read their paragraphs aloud. They can practice pronunciation while the others practice listening. Have the listeners each come up with one related question to encourage discussion!

For correction, try using our correction key to help students better understand their mistakes. Also, if you teach in Canada or a country that uses British English, point out the spelling difference (favorite > favourite).

Find this lesson in the Project Depot – Writing. This section features 18 guided writing projects on a variety of fun topics that are sure to motivate your students to write.

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