Present Progressive

What are you doing right now? Are you studying? Are you learning? We’ve completely redone our Present Progressive lesson to give your kids even more practice with this very common verb tense!

Our comprehensive 14-page present progressive (also known as the present continuous) lesson includes an easy grammar explanation, a variety of grammar exercises, and speaking and writing practice so students can practice this verb tense in context.

There are individual, pair work, and group work exercises for variety, and speaking, acting, and describing activities for fun. If your students can handle it, they can review the chart toward the end of the lesson and try the exercise that compares the simple present and the present progressive. That exercise, along with a final quiz, will really demonstrate if your students know when and how to use this verb tense.

This lesson comes with a set of printable verb cards that you can use for the acting activity and other review tasks and games of your own. You can choose whether to do the entire lesson in one day or to break it up over a few days. You could also assign some of it for homework.

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