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Are your young learners comfortable using apostrophes, commas, and hyphens? Even native speakers of English need a little help with punctuation from time to time. In honor of National Punctuation Day (September 24, 2015) the editor for Sprout English and ESL Library has collected all our past punctuation posts into one handy reference list.


Forming the Possessive of Words Ending in -S

Teaching Tips on It’s and Its

Teaching Tips on They’re, Their, and There

Teaching Tips on You’re and Your

Teaching Tips: Who’s Vs. Whose


Commas in Independent & Dependent Clauses

In Defence of the Serial Comma

Adjective Order and Punctuation

However: 7 Sentence Positions & 2 Uses


When to Use Hyphens: Rules for Multiple-Word Adjectives

Em Dash

Using the Em Dash Correctly

En Dash

Using the En Dash Correctly


Punctuation Rules: Parentheses


How Useful Is the Semicolon?

However: 7 Sentence Positions & 2 Uses

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