8 Fun and Interactive Ways to Review Idioms

There’s no escaping idioms! Whether you love them or hate them, your students need to know them. Of course, it’s more important to teach idioms that are in common usage. If you come across outdated idioms in your teaching materials, be sure to tell your students to avoid using these expressions. Some students fall in love with idioms, and end up overusing them in their writing. Teach your students that idioms are great to know, but should be used sparingly. Too many idioms can drive people bonkers!

In Sprout’s Spotlight this week you’ll find a fun lesson plan about Astronauts. To keep on theme, here are 10 air and space-themed idioms that you can teach your students, followed by 8 fun and interactive ways to review idioms. (more…)


This week, Sprout English’s featured lesson is Astronauts from the Interesting Jobs section in the Discovery Center. This five-page lesson includes discussion questions, vocabulary exercises (including a word scramble), a short reading full of interesting facts, comprehension questions, and a word maze. There is even an optional black-and-white title page for your students to color. Your young learners will love learning about the “vomit comet”! (more…)