Swimming Pool

Swimming is a popular activity for kids, especially in the summertime! Last week we featured a NEW vocabulary lesson called Swimming, which focuses on the actions that kids need to know when learning to swim or playing in the pool. It also includes the names of different swimming strokes. This week we’re featuring our NEW vocabulary lesson called Swimming Pool, which focuses on the objects kids will see at the pool such as lifeguard, slide, diving board, shallow end, etc. (more…)

My House

Students of all levels and ages need some basic vocabulary to describe where they live. Our new Word Bank lesson, My House, is the perfect place to start!

The My House lesson¬†includes a colorful picture dictionary, matchup, word choice, word search, word scramble, and spelling bee. Your learners will learn if swing set, flower box, front yard, and backyard are one or two words. (more…)