Family Lesson

Are you planning on doing any Father’s Day lessons or activities in class this week? Father’s Day will be celebrated in many countries on Sunday, June 18, so it’s a great time to try our completely updated Family vocabulary lesson! (more…)

Children Celebrating Their Parents: Activities & Tons of Resources

“A father’s goodness is higher than the mountain, a mother’s goodness deeper than the sea.”
—Japanese proverb

All over the world, children celebrate their parents on special days. On May 8, many children will gather to appreciate their mothers with greetings or flowers. On June 19, many children will give gifts of appreciation, like cards and ties, to their fathers. Some countries celebrate both parents in May or in June. Children get excited about creating imaginative gifts and are motivated to express their love in different languages. Free digital tools and apps help children design beautiful books, projects, greetings, and crafts and also enhance their English skills. Make English learning meaningful this month for your young learners by getting them to appreciate their parents in English with the following gift ideas listed below. (more…)

Family Speed Game

Ready, Set, Guess!

Have your young English learners studied family vocabulary yet? Sprout English has two new lessons on the family: Family Vocabulary in the Word Bank and Subject & Object Pronouns in the Grammar School. After your students have learned basic family vocabulary, challenge them to this fun, fast activity!

Family Speed Game is one of my favorite ways to practice family vocabulary. My students love the competition that this brain-teaser activity provides! (more…)

Family Vocabulary Lesson

Many countries will celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 10. In honor of this special day, you may want to try our reformatted Family vocabulary lesson in class this week!

In this eight-page Word Bank lesson, students will learn the names of immediate family members as well as some extended family. (more…)