Children Celebrating Their Parents: Activities & Tons of Resources

“A father’s goodness is higher than the mountain, a mother’s goodness deeper than the sea.”
—Japanese proverb

All over the world, children celebrate their parents on special days. On May 8, many children will gather to appreciate their mothers with greetings or flowers. On June 19, many children will give gifts of appreciation, like cards and ties, to their fathers. Some countries celebrate both parents in May or in June. Children get excited about creating imaginative gifts and are motivated to express their love in different languages. Free digital tools and apps help children design beautiful books, projects, greetings, and crafts and also enhance their English skills. Make English learning meaningful this month for your young learners by getting them to appreciate their parents in English with the following gift ideas listed below. (more…)

Family Vocabulary Lesson

Many countries will celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 10. In honor of this special day, you may want to try our reformatted Family vocabulary lesson in class this week!

In this eight-page Word Bank lesson, students will learn the names of immediate family members as well as some extended family. (more…)

Animal Families

Mother’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday, May 11, in many countries. In honor of this important day, we wrote and designed a NEW lesson on Animal Families!

In this eight-page Word Bank lesson, students will learn the names of mother, father, and baby animals of certain families such as lion, cow, chicken, deer, etc. They will practice this vocabulary through several fun, colorful activities, including a picture dictionary, matchup, word choice, word search, word scramble, and spelling bee. This lesson finishes up with discussion questions so that your students can practice using the vocab in context. These activities are suitable for individual, pair, group, or class work—the choice is yours!

The animal family pictures are also available as flashcards at the end of the lesson. For some ideas on how to use flashcards in class, check out 9 Ways to Use Cards & Flashcards in Class.

More Mother’s Day Materials:

Mother’s Day Video Fun: Animals and Babies

Kids love learning about animals! At the dinner table last week, I challenged my own kids to name as many animals as they could (without reaching for the iPad). We grabbed an old-fashioned pen and notepad, and they came up with 217 types of animals in 45 minutes. As they proudly named all of the animals they could think of, they shared interesting facts they had picked up while reading and watching videos about strawberry poison dart frogs, dusky dolphins, and other obscure animals! I was a proud mama. My little cubs have learned a lot since the early days when we used to sing the Sleeping Bunnies song over and over.

If you’re looking for Mother’s Day themed ideas for the classroom, this is the perfect time to talk, sing, and learn about animals and their babies. In the Spotlight this week, we have a NEW Word Bank lesson plan about Animal Families. After you’ve tried the lesson, here are some questions and related videos to share in class this week. You’ll notice in some of the videos that animal mothers are the best teachers! It’s no wonder Teacher Appreciation Week ends on Mother’s Day!

What Are Some Names of Animal Babies?


Mother’s Day Fun Facts

Mother’s Day will be celebrated in many countries this Sunday. Are you doing any Mother’s Day lessons or activities in class? Most teachers will want to discuss this holiday with their students, so I thought I would blog about some fun, interesting Mother’s Day facts that you can share with your class this week!

What are some interesting Mother’s Day customs around the world?

  • Children in many countries give their mothers flowers (especially roses and carnations) on Mother’s Day. Some children buy gifts for their moms such as chocolates or jewelry.
  • Children in the US and Canada often give their mothers breakfast in bed. (more…)