Giraffe: Drawing Activity

Drawing is a great creative outlet. Kids love our drawing activities, and you will too—they combine drawing and coloring with speaking, listening, vocabulary, reading, or writing skills. (more…)

Feelings: Photography Project

How are you feeling today? Are you happy, sad, angry, or sleepy? Talking about emotions is a great way to review adjectives with your young learners. Turning feelings into a photography project really engages your students! (more…)


Most kids around the world are coming back to school from Christmas holidays this week or next week. Ease them back into study mode with Sprout English‘s simple and fun lesson of the week: Castle in the Project Depot!

This lesson teaches children how to follow instructions as they have fun drawing. Sprout English has 15 lessons like this one in the Project Depot.There are two ways to present this lesson: Listen and Draw or Read and Draw. (more…)