Reviewing Numbers: The One & Only Fun Game

My daughter recently complained about how boring French class is. When I asked what was boring about it, she said they were reviewing numbers—again. The boring part about reviewing numbers is that they can all already count to one million in French. Really?

The One & Only Fun Game

Unfortunately, though many kids don’t realize it, not all students learn languages at the same pace. Fortunately, when you bring fun into the class, students who don’t feel like they need the review will still be interested in participating and will undoubtedly benefit. (more…)

Vocabulary Baseball Game

Are you looking for fun ways to review vocabulary? This vocabulary game can be played with all ages and levels. It may last a whole week or just 15 minutes. Keep score as your students work through nine innings. Unlike real baseball, no equipment (and no running) is necessary! (more…)

Heads Up! A Fun Vocabulary App for English Learners

During a family vacation last week, we had one stormy afternoon that kept us indoors in a hotel room for a few hours. We drew pictures of the animals we had seen in the Everglades, read The Secret World of Og (a Canadian classic), and played a variety of card games. Though we spent most of the holiday unplugged, my husband couldn’t resist searching for a family game to play on his mobile phone. He came across Heads Up!, the game Ellen Degeneres plays with her guests. He downloaded the app, and before the first round was over, I knew this game would be a hit with English learners. (more…)