Alphabet Name Game

This week’s Spotlight lesson is Alphabet Review from our Phonics Cafe – Book 2 section. Young English language learners will find 23 pages of printing practice for uppercase and lowercase letters, along with fun illustrations and exercises. After reviewing the alphabet on paper, why not try some oral practice with your students? The following activity is a simple one, but one I use again and again with my students because of the specific letter-sound focus. The instructions below tell you how to play with country names, but you can easily change the theme to suit whatever you’re studying in class (animals, food, etc.). (more…)

Alphabet Review

Teachers and parents, are your kids learning to print the alphabet? This week’s Spotlight lesson features a comprehensive Alphabet Review from Book 2 of our Phonics Cafe section of lessons. Young English language learners will love the colorful illustrations and engaging activities!

This 23-page phonics lesson can be broken up and done over several days so that your learners get as much practice as they need. You can use this lesson on its own to teach students how to print uppercase and lowercase letters, or as a review to the phonics lessons in Book 1 (which are divided up into smaller sections: A–F, G–L, M–R, and S–Z). The printing exercises in Alphabet Review are interspersed with a variety of fun activities (such as exercises matching the letters to sounds) so that kids will get ample practice recognizing, saying, and printing these letters without getting bored!  (more…)

Pronunciation of “ph” & “wh” Words

English spelling and pronunciation can cause a lot of difficulties for English language learners! That’s because English spelling often doesn’t match the pronunciation. English has gone through many sound changes over time, and we’ve kept some of the older spellings that don’t reflect the current sounds. Did you know that while many languages only have 5 vowel sounds (a, e, i, o, u), English has 26 vowel sounds? No wonder it’s tough to learn how to spell and pronounce English words correctly!

Two tricky sounds are those spelled with “ph” and “wh”. “Ph” is pronounced as an /f/ sound, and “wh” is pronounced as a /w/ sound, and neither include the /h/ sound! This week’s Spotlight lesson was on
“ph” & “wh” Words, so I decided to record the words from this lesson on the blog this week. (more…)