We’ve got a sweet treat for your young English learners! We’ve moved our popular food vocabulary lessons into their own Word Bank category on Food, and we’ve added a NEW lesson on Desserts! (more…)


We’ve got a NEW lesson on Condiments to add to our growing list of Food vocabulary lessons. This saucy lesson is ready just in time for picnic and barbecue season! (more…)

Family Lesson

Are you planning on doing any Father’s Day lessons or activities in class this week? Father’s Day will be celebrated in many countries on Sunday, June 18, so it’s a great time to try our completely updated Family vocabulary lesson! (more…)

Valentine Code

Here’s a fun activity to do tomorrow in class for Valentine’s Day! Valentine Code gives students practice with vowels while they crack the secret code to solve vocabulary words. (more…)

Phonics Lesson: A to F

Improve your young learner’s printing, writing, spelling, and pronunciation with Sprout’s Phonics Cafe! This section starts with the alphabet and works up to letter combinations and words that are difficult to pronounce and spell. This week we’re featuring our colorful lesson on the letters A to F. (more…)

Phonics Lesson: Words with /ch/

The /ch/ sound (/tʃ/ written phonetically) is commonly confused with /sh/ (/ʃ/ written phonetically), so English language learners usually struggle to pronounce words spelled with “ch.” Our phonics lesson on “ch” words will have your students pronouncing and spelling words like cheese, cherry, match, and chair with ease! (more…)