“th” Words: Phonics Lesson

The /th/ sound (/θ/ for the voiceless sound and /ð/ for the voiced sound, written phonetically) is not common in many other languages, so English language learners usually struggle with this sound. I’ve found that encouraging students (both children and adults) to “stick out their tongues” (put their tongues between their teeth) is a fun way to get them to practice making this sound. Our phonics lesson on “th” words will have your students pronouncing and spelling words like month, thanks, these, and father in no time!

This 11-page lesson can be broken up and completed over several days or finished all at once. The variety of exercises, including reading, writing, and word puzzles (with some fun coloring thrown in) are sure to keep your young learners engaged. Any of these activities can (and should) include pronunciation practice. Vary the pronunciation practice by having them repeat after you for some exercises, and then after each other for others. This is one time where sticking out tongues is encouraged!

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