Thanksgiving: Vocabulary Lesson

What are you grateful for? Many people will be celebrating Thanksgiving this week, so it’s a great time to review Thanksgiving vocabulary! Kids will love our colorful Thanksgiving lesson.

Our eight-page Thanksgiving lesson includes a picture dictionary of vocabulary associated with Thanksgiving, including turkey, turkey dinner, autumn, yam, cranberries, cornucopia, pumpkin pie, pilgrim, corn, and dining-room table. The dictionary is followed by six engaging activities for reviewing the vocabulary. These include a matchup exercise, a word choice activity, a word search, a word scramble, a spelling bee, and discussion questions. No boring vocabulary memorization here!

The kid-friendly illustrations appear throughout the lesson, making it visually appealing and fun for your young learners!


Grateful Girl: An ESL Listening Activity for Thanksgiving
Count Your Blessings: Thanksgiving Activity
How to Set the Table (prepositions of place)

What Are You Grateful For This Thanksgiving?
Thanksgiving Vocabulary & Coloring Worksheet

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