There Is / There Are Pair Activity: There’s No Place Like Home

There is no place like home. Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

In the Spotlight this week, Sprout English is featuring “there is / there are,” an important structure for practicing subject-verb agreement as well as prepositions of place. We have a NEW ready-made lesson plan for introducing this structure as well as a handy practice worksheet for more advanced learners. Here is a pair activity to try with your students after you use the lesson plan. In addition to practicing the target language, this activity gives students a chance to draw, speak, ask questions, and write.

Print one copy of this worksheet for each student.

1. Choose a Room or Space
Have students choose one room of their house and write it on the blank line (page 1).

2. Draw a Picture
Ask students to draw a picture of the room they chose in the blank space (page 1). They should include as many details as possible. Encourage your students to include singular (including uncountable) and plural nouns. For example, if a student is drawing a living room, you could ask: Is there any more furniture? Are there any books on the shelf? If a student is drawing a bedroom, you could say: Is there a pillow on your bed?

3. Describe and Add Details
Place students in pairs and have them take turns describing their picture. They should use there is / there are as well as prepositions of place while describing the details in the picture. Encourage students to add more details as they describe the picture. Partners can ask questions to encourage even more detail.

Alice: Is there a lamp on your bedside table?
Lee: Yes there is. I’ll add a lamp.
Alice: Are there toys on the floor?
Lee: No, there aren’t any toys on the floor.

4. Summarize in Writing
Finally, have students write summaries about their partners’ rooms. (This can be done for homework or during class time.) At this point, don’t worry about sentence variety. Allow your students to begin each sentence with “There is” or “There are.” Encourage student to also write sentences about things that aren’t in the room.

This is Alicia’s kitchen. There is a table on the floor. There are four chairs around the table. There is a calendar on the wall. There is a fridge, a stove, and a dishwasher in the kitchen. There are bananas in the bowl on the table. There isn’t any money on the counter.

Note: Alternatively, students could draw and describe the inside of their fridge, desk, or backpack.

There is / There are Worksheet


Find our 14-page There Is / There Are lesson in the Grammar School section.


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