Wendy – Simple Present Reading

Simple present lessons are great for low-level students. In our featured lesson this week, Wendy introduces herself using simple present verbs, and she talks about her family and her favorite hobby, tennis.

All of the readings in our Library section can be done on paper or online, so teachers can choose how to present the reading and comprehension questions. Have your students do it on paper in class, or assign it for online homework and do the follow-up activities in class the next day. This lesson, Wendy, also includes a grammar exercise, spelling lesson, and twenty questions discussion activity.

Other simple present resources:

  • Check out our blog for teaching tips (see Teaching the Simple Present) and an activity (see Daily Routines Game – Reviewing the Simple Present Tense).
  • Our Grammar School has many simple present lessons that are broken down into categories, like Do, Can, Be, and Wh-Questions. There are more than enough worksheets to practice in class and do for homework. We also have simple present lessons in the Q & A Review and Grammar Stories sections of the Grammar School.
  • Our Library section lets students see the simple present in action. There are 17 simple present lessons in our Library – Present Simple Stories section. These lessons also include a digital component that students can do in class or at home.
  • Our Conversation Station has two categories of simple present dialogues: Present Simple Dialogues 1 and 2. Each section has over 20 worksheets!
  • Almost all of our Discovery Center lessons use the simple present. Students can see this tense in use as they read about topics that interest them such as animals, famous places, and food.
  • Our Verbs & Prepositions section in our Word Bank has a nine-page lesson on Daily Routines. Perfect practice for repeated actions in the simple present!

Find this lesson in the Library – Present Simple Stories.


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