A Day at School – Writing Activity

Writing doesn’t have to be difficult! First, teach your young learners our tips on how to start a paragraph and how to write a paragraph. Next, try our writing activity, A Day at School, which guides students with word and sentence prompts. Soon your students will be writing with ease!

You can do this writing activity in class or as homework. What about correction? If you mark their writing at home, it’s a great idea to use a correction key with codes to indicate spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Students can then try to correct their mistakes themselves—they really remember better this way. If you start the correction in class as they’re writing, one idea is to circulate and help students with grammar mistakes as they make them. Or you could note the common mistakes in a notebook as you circulate, and put them on the board to review as a class later on (without naming any names). Another idea is to have students exchange paragraphs for peer correction.

Writing improves many English skills such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. You can also incorporate speaking, pronunciation, and listening into this writing project. Put students into small groups after they’ve finished writing, and have each student read their paragraphs aloud. They can practice pronunciation while the others practice listening. Also, tell the listeners that they must come up with one related question each to encourage discussion!

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