Back-to-School Lost and Found Challenge

During the first few days of school, everything looks neat and tidy at home and at school. Items are labeled and drawers are organized. Everything has a place! But how do you keep things this way in the upcoming weeks and months?

Start the year off right with Sprout English’s Lost and Found Challenge! (more…)

Icebreaker Interviews

Going back to school can be a fun, exciting time for kids. But it can also be a bit intimidating, especially if they’re going to a new school. This is often doubly true for students who are learning a new language! Put your English language learners at ease with an icebreaker activity so they can get to know their classmates. Doing an interview such as the one below will allow them to talk to a new classmate one-on-one, which is usually less intimidating. Later on, they can introduce that classmate to the rest of the class—that way, they will get to know all their classmates, and it’s also much easier to talk about someone else than it is to talk about yourself. Make sure you tell your students your own answers to these questions so they can get to know you, too!

We’ve prepared two printable worksheets (an American spelling version and British spelling version) so that teachers around the world can use this interview without having to make any changes.

Back to School – Find the Objects

This week’s Spotlight lesson is Back to School – Find the Objects. Kids are back to school this week in many countries, and we think this worksheet is a fun way to go over basic classroom vocabulary!

Have your young learners match the objects in the drawing to the vocabulary words. Being able to visualize the vocabulary on paper as they learn it should help them remember new words. Once they’ve finished matching the vocab, you can correct it as a class and demonstrate the pronunciation of the words. Then your kids can color the picture for fun! A good follow-up activity would be to have them walk around the class in pairs, saying each vocabulary word out loud as they find the object in the classroom. You could also have them explain what each object is used for. (more…)

Are You Going to Set Back-to-School Goals with Your Kids?

Hi Parents and Teachers,

Have you noticed a pattern on Sprout English’s blog? Each week we focus on a certain theme. The theme may be topic-focused (e.g., Animals) or language-focused (e.g., Simple Present Tense). Sprout English’s theme this week is the Simple Future (using “going to”). We’re featuring a reading lesson from the Library as well as related activities and tips about teaching and reviewing “going to” with your kids or students.

Are you going to help your young learners set some back-to-school goals? September is a month for new beginnings. Your kids are going to make new friends, join new clubs, experiment with new styles, and hopefully even try new foods!

The best way to practice grammar is to use it in a natural scenario. Here is a simple worksheet that you can print out and use with your kids to spark a conversation about goal-setting. (more…)

The Test – Simple Future Reading

Getting ready to go back to school? This week’s Spotlight lesson, The Test, features a dialogue between two friends about typical school subject: exams! It’s a great lesson to use at the beginning of a new school year. Students can practice the simple future using be + Ving and be going to + V, both of which are natural to use when planning out goals for the year.

This lesson includes a short reading, comprehension questions, a be going to grammar chart, sentence puzzles, and a group discussion activity.

All of the readings in our Library section have a digital component, so teachers and parents can choose how to present the reading and comprehension questions—either on paper or online!

Sprout English has many simple future resources: (more…)

We Aren’t a Class, We Are a Community! 8 Ways to Get Children Excited about Learning with You!

“If you think of learning as a path, you can picture yourself walking beside her rather than either pushing or dragging or carrying her along.” ~ Polly Berrien Berends

The first month of school is critical for laying down the foundations for a successful learning journey with children. During the first month of school, we need to make connections with learners and welcome them into our community. We need to show them we look forward to their unique contributions and help those who feel they don’t have anything to offer discover what they can contribute. When we show children we care, they will go to great lengths to learn. They will also leave our class with enriching memories. The following suggestions will help you lay the foundations. Good luck on your learning voyage with your learners this year! (more…)