Comparative Adjectives for Describing People

In English, we use adjectives to describe nouns (people, places, or things). What about when we want to compare two nouns? Comparative adjectives are useful to learn so that students can compare different things. There are a few rules for forming comparative adjectives, which your students can learn in our new Comparative Adjectives lesson (in the Grammar School section of Sprout English). Once students have learned these rules, get them to practice using this worksheet on describing people. On Thursday, Tara will blog about a fun activity for comparing people, so be sure to check back then!

You’ll find two worksheets, one with blank spaces for students to fill in the comparative form of the adjectives, and another with the answers already filled in. You can use the one with the answers as an answer key for students to check their work themselves or as a handy reference sheet for Thursday’s activity.

Download Comparative Adjectives PDF

Find our grammar lesson on Comparative Adjectives in the Grammar School – Basic Grammar Structures.

For another fun resource, check out Animal Battle – An ESL Card Game for Practicing Comparative Adjectives on our blog. Also, stay tuned to our blog this week for another new activity on comparative adjectives.


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