I’m Going To…

Our lesson of the week is I’m Going To… in the Simple Future Dialogues section of the Conversation Station. This one-page dialogue would be great as a warm-up, filler, or wrap-up to a lesson about the simple future or plans/entertainment.

In this pair-work dialogue, students read through it once, and then they substitute some of the information (with the provided prompts) while they read through it out loud a few more times. Dialogues like this are a great way to practice intonation and pronunciation because of the repetition. You can choose to model the first read-through and/or have students present one of the versions to the class at the end. You could also finish by having them create and present their own version!

Sprout English has many simple future resources:

Find I’m Going To… in the Conversation Station – Simple Future Dialogues.


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