10 Ways to Use Your Sprout English Kid Accounts This Summer

Did You Know?

When teachers sign up for Sprout English, they automatically receive 30 free kid accounts! Kid accounts give students access to all of the great resources that teachers use in the classroom. This includes reading materials, games, puzzles, and more! If your child doesn’t have a free account, you can sign up for free and get 20 sample lessons.

If you’re a teacher who already uses Sprout English, download and print this Summer Letter to Parents to send home with your students this summer. Add your students’ names, passwords, and User IDs.

Here are 10 ways for parents to use Sprout English this summer.

1. Prevent Summer Reading Loss

Help your child avoid summer reading loss by using Sprout English’s Library. Kids can listen to the stories and follow along.

Staff Picks
TV Boy
New Shoes

You’ll also find fun stories in our Discovery Center. These educational stories offer fun facts about all sorts of interesting topics that kids love.

Staff Picks

2. Keep Kids Occupied

Print out the Paper Games from Sprout English’s Games Room. You’ll find word searches, word scrambles, board games, and mazes. These are great for road trips and restaurants (and rainy days).

Staff Pick
Summer – Find the Objects
No Pity in the City

3. Choose a Word (Theme) of the Week

Choose a new Word Bank lesson to work on each week of the summer. Print the lesson and work through one page each day. By the end of the summer, your child will be familiar with many new English words.

Staff Picks
The Kitchen
Animal Families

Note: If you plan on watching the Summer Olympics with your kids this year, be sure to check out our Summer Olympics Word Bank lesson (coming in July in the Sports & Leisure section).

4. Get Kids Coloring (& Learning)

If your child likes to color, check out the Color Mart! Each page teaches one new English word. Keep a few pages handy for when you eat out at a restaurant.

Staff Picks
Listen to Music

5. Explore Photography Together

Does your child like to take pictures? Check out the Photography projects in our Project Depot.

Staff Picks
My Family

6. Have “English” Play Dates

Is your child having a friend over to play? Try the Listen and Draw activities in our Project Depot. One child can pretend to be the teacher.

Staff Picks

7. Encourage Kids to Play “School”

Isn’t it funny that kids love to play school in the summertime? Encourage your kids and their playmates to play school by providing a few materials, such as Telling Time. We recommend printing some booklets from our Grammar School section.

Staff Picks
There Is / There Are
Simple Present – Be

8. Do Family Skits

The dialogues in our Conversation Station section are easy to read out loud. Ask your child to help you learn English. Offer to be one of the speakers in the dialogues.

Staff Picks
The Doctor’s Office
Who Is That?

9. Practice Printing & Writing

Does your child need to practice printing the alphabet? What about handwriting? Many schools don’t teach cursive anymore, so it’s up to the parents to teach their kids how to handwrite. Check out the resources in the Phonics Cafe!

Staff Picks

10. Try an Activity from the Sprout English Blog

Scroll through our blog and find lots of fun ideas!

Staff Picks
Children Celebrating Their Parents
6 Ways to Get Kids to Express Themselves in Another Language


If you’re a teacher or a parent who is teaching your own child English, you may also be interested in Tanya’s post on Suggested Teaching Order for Sprout English lessons. Here are a few more related links.

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