10 Ways to Use Your Sprout English Kid Accounts This Summer

Did You Know?

When teachers sign up for Sprout English, they automatically receive 30 free kid accounts! Kid accounts give students access to all of the great resources that teachers use in the classroom. This includes reading materials, games, puzzles, and more! If your child doesn’t have a free account, you can sign up for free and get 20 sample lessons.

If you’re a teacher who already uses Sprout English, download and print this Summer Letter to Parents to send home with your students this summer. Add your students’ names, passwords, and User IDs. (more…)

50+ Grammar, Vocabulary & Pronunciation Resources for Teaching Young ELLs

Time flies when you’re having fun! When you enjoy blogging about grammar, teaching, and the English language as much as I do, a year of weekly blog posts goes by just like that! Our goal at Sprout English has always been to provide quality educational materials to English teachers and students, and my personal wish is that teachers and students will continue to learn from and use our free blog materials. We love helping young learners grow their English skills!

I thought it would be helpful to organize all the articles I’ve written so far into a list that’s easily accessible. (Some articles are included twice if they belong to more than one category.) I hope you find this resource list useful! (more…)

Sprout English Is Heading to the TESOL Convention!

Hello, Portland!

It’s time once again for the annual TESOL International Convention and English Language Expo. This year, the Sprout English team is heading to Portland, Oregon from March 26–29, and we’re really looking forward to it!

It will be Sprout’s first year at the convention! Last year, the team was there at the ESL Library booth, and this year, our booths will be side by side, numbers 338 and 340. Our team is coming from Winnipeg (Ben, president), Toronto (Tara, writer), and Vancouver (me - Tanya, editor). We can’t wait to meet our subscribers and other teachers and publishers in the ELT field, so please come by and say hi! There will also be daily prize giveaways and special subscription deals for attendees. (more…)

Where Is Sprout? Games for Practicing Prepositions of Place

“Come out, come out, wherever you are!”

Do your students enjoy playing hide-and-go-seek? Do you know how to make this game educational? Hide-and-go-seek is the perfect game for practicing prepositions of place. If you haven’t already introduced these little words and phrases to your English learners, check out Tanya’s useful post. It’s full of teaching tips on prepositions of place (and directions), including this FREE handy handout.

1. Warm-Up

After you’ve introduced prepositions of place to your students, you can review them by showing this funny series of visuals. Simply ask this question: Where is the child hiding? Go over some of the different prepositions from the pictures.

under the bucket, behind the curtain, in the cupboard, behind the towel, beside the crib…


Minimal Pair Craft – Holiday Paper Chains

Minimal Pair Holiday Paper Chain Craft

minimal pair: a pair of words that differ in sound by one phoneme (EX: cat/bat, sit/sip, hit/hat)

Are your students reviewing Three-Letter Words with Sprout English’s featured phonics pack? Have you introduced the concept of minimal pairs? Here is a fun holiday-themed craft that you can do to practice three-letter minimal pairs in December. Adjust the difficulty based on your students.

You will need
* lots of red, green, and white strips of paper about 5″ long by 1″ wide  (or use wrapping paper)
* felt markers (black or something that shows up well on colored paper)
* staplers or tape (a few shared around the classroom)

Minimal Pairs Activity
1. Review the concept of three-letter minimal pairs. Show lots of examples on the board, and get students to give you examples. Use Sprout English’s phonics pages for ideas. (more…)

Introducing Sprout English – Video

Even though Tara Benwell and I work far across the country from each other (she’s in Ontario and I’m in BC), we got to meet up recently when she came out to visit family and friends. We decided to make a video introducing Sprout English, a site full of resources for teaching English to young learners.


Sprout English Lessons: Suggested Teaching Order

Last week, we got a tweet from Libby Sturgeon (@sturgeonesl) with a very good question: “Do you suggest doing the lessons/grammar in a certain order?”

Sprout English has hundreds of lessons in nine different categories (represented on the site by buildings). Are they already in order within the buildings? How do you go about combining lessons from different categories—what is the best order to follow in that case? (more…)

Welcome to Sprout English!

We’re so excited about the launch of Sprout English, a resource site for teachers and parents of young learners of English. Let us tell you a little bit about who we are and what we do!

Who Are We?

We are a part of Red River Press, a company dedicated to quality educational websites and apps. We used to be called English Avenue, but we’ve undergone a big transformation that includes a beautiful new website, and we are now Sprout English! We feel that there continues to be a lack of resources available for young learners of English, and it’s our mission to change that. We will do for teachers and parents of young English learners what ESL-Library has done for teachers of teens and adults, which is to provide a wealth of valuable resources to make teaching easier and learning fun! (more…)