Regular & Irregular Plural Nouns Game: Change Your Socks!

This week in the Spotlight we are featuring Sprout English’s NEW lesson on Regular and Irregular Plural Nouns. After you try this lesson with your young learners, give them a bit more practice with this silly sock game!

You will need

  • one long pair of matching socks (plain white or black)
  • one long pair of crazy socks (that do not match)
  • flashcards with singular nouns, such as banana, flower, toy, table, candy, butterfly, kiss, box, watch, dish, potato, tomato, cactus, child, person, car, flower, loaf, leaf, foot, dog, deer, goose, apple, book, tree, tooth, pillow, t-shirt, sheep, cat 
  • blank strips of paper (the same amount as you have flashcards with images)
  • a pen or marker

Setting things up

1. Make flashcards with nouns (include ones from Sprout English’s Regular and Irregular Plural Nouns lesson.)
2. Place the flashcards inside a container or envelope.
3. Hang up the regular socks beside each other (where students can reach).
4. Hang up the irregular socks beside each other (where students can reach).
5. Place the blank strips of paper and pen on a table or ledge near the socks.

Playing the game

Invite students to take turns coming up to the front of the class to take a turn. Here is what each student will do:

1. Choose a flashcard from the envelope/container and write the singular word on the board.
2. If the  plural of this noun has a regular ending (only need to add -s), stuff the flashcard into one of the regular socks and write the plural word on the paper strip. Put this strip into the other regular sock.
3. If the plural of the noun has an irregular ending, stuff the flashcard into one of the mismatched socks and write the irregular plural form on a paper strip and put it in the other mismatched sock.

If the class thinks the flashcard and plural form went into the wrong socks, they can shout out Change Your Socks! (As a teacher, watch as the student writes the plural form in case it’s wrong. Help make spelling corrections.)

Continue until all of the flashcards are gone and the socks are full! Add new flashcards as you learn new nouns and play another round another day.

Find this lesson in the Grammar School – Basic Grammar Structures.


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