Simple Future

There are three ways to express the future tense in English: will, be going to, and the present progressive. We’ve got a NEW grammar lesson on the Simple Future that covers when and how to use the three future forms!

This 17-page lesson is our most comprehensive grammar lesson to date, covering affirmative statements, negative statements, and questions for all three future tense forms. Your learners will also practice writing out the full and contracted forms of future tense verbs. Plus, we’ve included a variety of interesting activities to keep your students engaged in the lesson: from individual work, pair work, and group work to fill-in-the blank, find-the-error, and multiple-choice exercises to writing and speaking activities.

The five pages of helpful grammar notes at the beginning of the lesson will make teaching the simple future a breeze. There’s even a handy reference chart comparing the three future forms as well as tips and notes throughout the lesson. Fun themes include future plans, travel, fortune-telling, and goal-setting.


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