Simple Present with Be – Grammar Lesson

It’s Celebrate Your Name Week 2017, and it’s a great time to try our Simple Present – Be lesson with your young learners. In this lesson, students will learn the names, ages, and nationalities of our cute characters while learning how to introduce themselves using the simple present.

This colorful 15-page lesson involves a variety of activities such as a picture dictionary, a matching exercise, multiple choice, dialogues, written answers, and a class survey—best of all, your students won’t get bored doing these fun exercises!

Students will practice positive and negative sentences (including contractions), question formation, and pronouns, all while using the simple present tense of the Be verb. Nine pages of flashcards are also included to use as an introduction to the adorable characters in the lesson or as a review later on.

Students can work alone or with a partner for almost all of the exercises in this lesson, and there are also two group activities. You can choose whether to do the entire lesson in one day or to break it up over a few days and/or assign some of it for homework.

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