Subject & Object Pronouns

Do your young English language learners struggle with we vs. us? How about I and me? Remembering when to use subject and object pronouns can be challenging. Our NEW grammar lesson, Subject & Object Pronouns, makes it much easier! Students will also love the Family theme.

Our nine-page pronoun lesson starts off with a clear, easy-to-follow grammar explanation. This is followed by a family tree graphic so that kids can learn the vocabulary for family names. Next, there are grammar exercises such as fill in the blanks, find the error, and multiple choice where students will use subject and object pronouns separately and then mixed together. Finally, there is a pair work speaking/writing exercise to review the grammar and a quiz to review the vocabulary.

For another fun way to review family vocabulary, try Family Speed Game on our blog!

Find this lesson in the Grammar School – Basic Grammar Structures.


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