Printable Show and Share Passport

“Oh! The Places You’ll Go!” — Dr. Seuss

This week’s theme on Sprout English is Travel! We’re featuring a fun Listen and Draw Activity about Hotels from the Project Depot. You’ll also find a free Travel Vocabulary worksheet and game. Kids love talking about places they’ve been, and traveling is a great way for students to use the language they’ve learned outside of the classroom. Encourage your students to share their travel memories in class with this printable Show and Share Passport. A travel memory doesn’t have to be a vacation to Disneyland. A trip to the zoo, the beach, or Grandma’s house can be a travel memory. Grab yourself a teacher’s stamp to make this even more fun for the kids!


Easter Colors: An Eggcellent Easter Activity

Do you use Pinterest for inspiration when you’re looking for crafts to do in the classroom? Pinterest is full of holiday craft ideas, and with a little creativity, you can easily find ideas that can be combined with language learning.

Last weekend I went hunting on Pinterest to find ideas on painting eggs with nail polish. One of my daughter’s favorite games right now is “Name the Nail Polish”. We gather all of our bottles of nail polish and put them in her glittery treasure box. She pulls the bottles out one by one and we take turns coming up with fun names for the colors. Twinkle Twilight…Party Perfect…Salmon SuedeConfetti… Sometimes we play this game out loud together, and other times we write the words down and compare the color names. We’ve played this game with up to four people (boys included), and it works best when we have lots of different colors (at Auntie K’s). Sometimes we even vote on the color names to see which ones we like best. When we’re done, we look at the bottom of the bottles to see what the real names are.

I was delighted that my “nail polish Easter eggs” search on Pinterest brought up so many ideas for coloring eggs. There were ideas for painting real eggs as well as plastic eggs. I was skeptical that nail polish and water would work well on plastic eggs, but was excited to find out that it actually worked when I tested it out!

This particular idea, “You’ve Been Egged” would make a great classroom activity or weekend project. You could “egg” another classroom at your school, or invite your students to “egg a neighbor” over the Easter weekend. Here is a handout you can give your students if you want them to do this activity at home. *

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